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Dreams in College | Guest Post!

Hey there everyone. While I'm soaking up the sun, I want to introduce you to our first guest poster! Raewyn's blog is one of my faves, and I was super excited when she offered to do a guest post. Today she's going to talk to you all about finding your dream in college. Make sure to show her blog some love!
Hello! My name is Raewyn and I blog over at Be a Warrior Queen!

 I'm one of those people that can be loud and in your face, but in the most loveable way ever. I try my best to always be happy and find the positive. My blog is one part being positive and another part starting a movement. I want to start a magazine to empower young women and girls to be themselves unashamedly. I graduated university in 2012, but attended 4 different colleges to get there! I have a pick up truck named Chuck the Truck; my favorite clothes are 1950s inspired and I drink tea like it's going out of business. I'm engaged to my best friend of ten years and we're getting married in a few weeks! I would love if you'd stop by my blog and we could become the best of friends!

I'm one of those rare people who knew what she wanted to do before she went to college. In fact, I chose my major for the sole purpose of following my dream - although I knew I was not going to be looking for a job in my major field after college.

I began my journey at The Ohio State University studying Journalism. I toyed with a lot of ideas for minors. Then I moved back home to California and attended a community college for a year thanks to the Golden Standards. [Apparently, to get into a California public university you must take philosophy and public speaking...blah]. I finished my journalism degree at one of the Cal State Universities.

High school me, forever in the journalism classroom

So what makes me qualified to write a post about finding your dream while in college?

I'm going to go with the fact that I went through a lot of self-discovery in college and I am sure that you are, as well.

The girls I met slash lived with freshman year in the dorms

College is full of nagging voices in your head telling you to do this to be cool, do this to get good grades and major in this to get a good job. It can get a little overwhelming. But if you take a moment to quiet those voices and self-reflect, you can be on the path to achieving your dreams.

Take a lot of different classes your freshman and sophomore year. So you think that you want to be pre-med and you have a ton of pre-requisites to take and extra classes just seem like way too much to add to your plate. I understand. But what if you realize pre-med isn't for you after two years? 

It's harder to get into entry level classes when you're a junior or senior. It's harder to adjust in those classes, too. So each semester [or quarter...I love quarters!!], add one or two classes of something that intrigues you. It might push back your pre-requisite date by a semester or two. Isn't that so much better than getting two years into a major and then having to start all over again?

Welcome Week at Ohio State

In the first week of school go to the club fair and attend at least one meeting of all of the groups that interest you! You could find a club that's all about giving back, totally fall in love and end up with a sociology major! This is also a great way to make friends [obviously!]

Talk to your friends. Exploring your options is amazing, and discovering yourself through conversations with friends is even better! Getting to know someone's passions, might make you interested in it, too! I can't tell you how many of my friends have done Journalism or communications because I've taken them to concert interviews with me.

Press passes to Warped Tour

The most important parts of finding your dreams are listening to yourself and exposing yourself to new experiences! 

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