Friday, February 7, 2014

Yummy Easy Roasted Sweet Potato

       So a few weeks ago I made really yummy roasted sweet potatos. And lost all of the pictures I took for this blog post. Yeah, go me. Anyway, I redid it, and finally can get this post up! By the way, this recipe also works with tons of other veggies (I usually like to do sweet potato's, brussels sprouts, and broccoli all together), and is super simple!

        What you will need:
  • 1 Large sweet potato (Or a head of broccoli, or about 7 brussels sprouts)
  • Olive oil (or any oil of your choice, I just like how it tastes with olive oil)
  • Salt
  • Pan
     First I start by cleaning off my sweet potato, and pealing it. I don't mind the skin (and I'm lazy) so if there are still little pieces of the skin left, I just let them stick along for the ride. You will also probably want to pre-heat the oven to 425 now.

      Next I cut the sweet potato into thin slices, to help get the awkward cutting process started. Then I cut the slices into smaller pieces. You can obviously cut it however you want, you just want to make sure the pieces aren't too thick or they will take longer to cook through.

       Now I put all my sweet potato bits into a glass pan pan, and mix in two table spoons of olive oil and a few pinches of salt. It might seem like a little too much oil at first, but trust me. It coats the bottom of the pan and helps the sweet potato's not stick, plus it gets soaked into the sweet potato chunks as they cook. If you want your sweet potatos to be on the crispier side, you can spread them out on a cookie sheet. 

       If the oven is fully pre-heated, you can pop those suckers in! I put them in for 40 minutes total, but I mix the potatos up after about 20 minutes in, just to make sure everything is cooking evenly. You will want to let them cool a bit when they're done, but that's it! 

        They're super yummy, and wicked filling. You can add other spices like cinnamon or nutmeg if you want, but I find they are sweet enough on their own. Enjoy! 


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