Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Single Girl's Guide To Valentines Day


      Single people love to call Valentines Day, "Singles Awareness Day". I suppose that may be true, but why is it bad? I don't know about you, but I love being single. I'm in college, I work, I want to have a social life and enjoy being around all my gal pals before everyone spreads out across America for real life. So please, remind me why being tied down to one person during this time in my life would be a good thing? The only pity party you should be having on V-day is when you have to get up to refill your drink.

     I'm not hating on people in relationships. You do you hunny. But I'm gonna do me, and I refuse to let people get me down about Valentines day. I love it! Everything is pink, girly, and oh yeah, chocolate. The day after V-day when all the chocolate is on sale is even better! Stupid milk allergy, I wont even be able to enjoy it this year!

     To help make Valentines Day a little bit sweeter for my fellow singles, here are some things you can do on V-day:
  • Have a girls day. That's what I'm doing this year! Face masks, movies, chocolate, cookies, nail polish. You name it! It'll be like a middle school sleep over, but with neater nails. We'll just call it Galentines day.
  • Go out. Uhm, you aren't the only single person in the world, just FYI. Go out! All of the singles people who aren't stressing about gifts and plans will probably be out looking for something to do. Imagine that, singles meeting singles. Maybe your status will change to couple! (I feel like I just did math). Oh and it's fun.
  •   Get away for the day! It's always nice to get up and just drive somewhere. Go get lost! Listen to loud music in your car, bring some friends, I promise you'll have a good time.
  • Smile. This one is for the people who have to work or class on Valentines day. Just smile, because everyone else is probably going to be stressed about messed up plans and not having the perfect gift, and you get to be stress free on this lovely day. Less wrinkles for you!
  • Wallow- the right way. I know for a fact that some people are still going to be grumps on Valentines day. Fine, go ahead and wallow. This also applies to people who recently ended a relationship (although you should really consider doing the options above). If you're gonna wallow, at least do it right. Watch the notebook, get some ice cream, eat lots of food...Go ahead. I can't stop you.
      If you're single, try and have a better mind set about Valentines Day. Because FYI Single's Awareness is a good thing. You can meet people! And it gives you an excuse to have a girls day with your besties. Hooray!


  1. V-Day for us singles is the perfect day to indulge! Love it! :)

  2. I saw this post from the Northeast Blogging Facebook thing. I couldn't agree with you more! Every year for Valentine's Day (I'm single) I buy myself something. Self love is very important in my opinion.
    Natalie at

    1. That's such a good point! You have a great outlook on Valentines day :)

  3. Saw this on the NE Bloggers thread - and glad I did. Yay for being single on V-day!

  4. Ahahah, love this! Me and my friends are all single, and were just talking about V-day plans. Yay for being single ;p

    Nominated you for a Liebster Award btw!

    1. Yeah it's such a great time to just get together with a bunch of friends! And thanks for the nomination!


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