Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day: Food, Zimby, Channing Tatum & More!

What I saw out my front window when I woke up

      Woohoo! Snow day! So yesterday afternoon my University decided that today would be a snow day. Yeah, they plan ahead. Originally I was hoping to maybe do some sledding or just walking around campus, but the snow was coming down like dust. I don't know if you've ever experienced that or not, but dusty snow isn't fun to walk around in because there is no way to keep it out of your face. I did have a nice day though! And I got some things done too.

       First off, I made myself breakfast, which usually isn't something I have time to do. I made a JB wrap (I'll be doing a recipe post later), which was so so so good!

 Miss Zimby is pretty rude and really wanted some of my JB...

      After my yummy breakfast, I had to go to the store to get Zimby some more food. Let me tell you, the roads weren't fantastic. They had been plowed, but the snow was coming down so quickly that it didn't seem to make a difference. Oh and, when I went to leave, my jeep was kind of covered. It could definitely have been worse, but it had only been snowing for a few hours so I was a bit surprised.

        I stopped to take this picture, so don't yell at me!

      I was kind of bummed that no one was outside. I saw a few college students shoveling, but other than that my campus looked like a ghost town. Less chance for accidents though!

      When I got home, I decided to take Zimby outside to frolic in the snow. She's a house cat (except for an ocasional escape from my parents house in the summer) and I live on a main road so I put a little leash on her. No one wants a smushed kitty! She wasn't impressed. At all.

      She hates the cold and just wanted to go back inside, no matter how far from the door I plopped her down. I gave her a treat when we went back inside 5 minutes later for enduring my attempts. Such a trooper, that one.

      Other than that, I hung out with my friend Paulina, watched some Magic Mike (because who doesn't love a little shirtless Channing Tatum on a snow day), and decided that next year I'm doing an exchange program with a University in Hawaii. Aloha! Bring on the warm weather! 

      Did anyone else get snow today? Obviously we did in New England... I'm so ready for spring break. Stay warm!


  1. Oh my goodness- I'm cold just LOOKING at that snow! So excited to be your blog's newest follower!! :)

    1. Yay! And yeah, gotta love New England!

  2. Zimby is so adorable in the snow! I live in Vancouver, BC which hasn't snowed that bad recently but this week is just freezing cold >.<" I've always hated snow though, no matter how light it can be. As soon as I see now sticking to the ground, I get so annoyed and frustrated, haha.

    1. Haha thanks! And ohhh I've been to Canada and loved it, but I'm not sure I could be there for an entire winter! Hang in there! :)


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