Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shopping Finds, Sales, College Budget & More!

    Being in college, I can't go shopping and buy myself whatever I want all the time (if ever). I always have to remember I have rent to pay, my credit card bill, food...But I do love shopping. I get it from my Mom. 

       A love for shopping and a college girl budget can be quite the dangerous pair if not balanced well. So say hello to thrifting and sales! Yesterday I did a little shopping with my mom and sister, and found some great deals! I picked up a cute dress from Savers, and tons of things from Kohl's. Their President's Day sales are going on this weekend, and I saw price cuts everywhere! I picked up quite a few things, but I thought I would share my two favorites with you all.

       My first favorite, is this purse I picked up. The brand is "Elle" which I believe is sold exclusively at Kohl's.

      The purse was originally $79, and I got it 70% off, for $23.70. Score! The official name is the "Elle Delphine Bow Colorblock Satchel." I always go for neutral toned purses, so when I saw this tan and black beaut, I had to grab it! It's faux leather, and has an adorable brown polka-dot material lining the inside.  

     I just can't get enough. It has a zippered main pocket, as well as two other deep pockets.

       My other favorite find at Kohl's, is this wooden box frame wall art

     We all know of my love for shoes, so I had to pick this up when I saw it. It was also marked down to $4.50, so I just couldn't resist! 

       I haven't gotten a chance to check out many other sales because of the snow, but I do know that Old Navy is doing 30% off the entire store today only! Also, Victoria Secret is doing 20% off a single item, which ends tomorrow! You might have to subscribe to their emails to get the coupon, but it's worth it. Have a great day, and happy shopping!



  1. Love that purse! Props for finding that awesome deal!!

  2. Cute bag and great bargain to have it 70% off!


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