Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Authors

     Sometimes I love to just grab a book and lounge around reading all day. Or well, at least I did back in high school when I had time...But every now and then I get hit with a snow day, or I unexpectedly get a day off from babysitting. While in most cases I would spend my time running errands, there are still some days when I get in some good reading time. If you're on the hunt for amazing authors, here are my favorites:
         1. Meg Cabot. I absolutely love her books. All of them. While the majority of her books are young adult fiction, she does have some geared toward an older audience. My favorite series of hers is definitely The Mediator series. It's about a teen girl who can see, talk to, and touch dead people. Don't judge it till you read it, because the series is amazing. Plus she's writing a big follow up book! If you're looking for something a little less young adult, her Queen of Babble series is also phenomenal! 
          2. Sarah Dessen. I love all of her books. They too are mostly young adult fiction, but they do have a slightly more mature tone, and aren't always happy-go-lucky. The Truth About Forever is probably my favorite book of her's. It's about a girl who is kind of stuck in a boring, routine life, and you go along on her journey as she get's out of it and into a catering business. I also absolutely love Someone Like You, Keeping the Moon, That Summer, and Just Listen.
          3. Nora Roberts. If you are looking more for adult fiction, Nora Roberts is the author to check out! I love her suspenseful mystery books, and she always has a good romantic plot line. My favorite book by her is Angels Fall. It's about a women who is constantly hitting the road after a traumatic shooting at her old job. She quickly falls in love with a little town, and stumbles into a murder mystery. P.S. This book also has a Lifetime movie...
          4. Sophie Kinsella. If you're looking for quick fun read, check out Sophie Kinsella's books! She wrote the Shopaholic series, as well as some other keepers like Can You Keep A Secret. I can usually get through her books in a few hours, so they're perfect to take to the beach!
         5. Suzanne Collins. She is the Author of the amazing Hunger Games trilogy. I'm sure many of you already have read her books so I won't bother explaining the books, but if you haven't read them...Well go. Now. I'm serious. 

      I love the authors above because no matter what they write, I end up loving it. But don't get me wrong! There are tons of other authors I really like too! So if you're already a fan of my top 5, then make sure to also check out Veronica Roth who wrote the Divergent series, Richelle Mead who wrote the Vampire Academy series, Stephenie Meyer who wrote the Twilight series, and P.C & Kristen Cast who write the House of Night series. You'll be hooked! And yes, I realize all of the above series (minus Divergent) have to do with Vampires. Sorry not sorry.

      I'm going to do a post on my favorite stand alone books in the next few weeks, and for that I'm hoping to enlist my bookworm of a friend Nicole. She's always the person I go to when I need something new to read! Until then, check out the authors I mentioned above, and they should hold you over.


  1. Love the authors you listed! You should check out Elin Hilderbrand if you haven't already. She is one of my favorites. :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  2. I'm a big fan of chick lit too! And I just read a book by Rainbow Rowell that I think made her my favorite author of the moment!

  3. Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen are two of my favorite!!! I have all of Sarah Dessen's books and I have about 15 of Meg Cabot's.

    1. They're both amazing. I feel like I can read their books over and over again.


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