Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Pet Peeves List

       I always love to read peoples pet peeves list (is that weird?) because some of the things that get on peoples nerves are just so funny! So I thought I would share a little about myself, and give you a list of my pet peeves.

  • Whispering. I don't know if I experienced too much "quiet time" in kindergarten or what, but whispering drives me batty. Now, if you're whispering because you don't want to disturb someone, that's totally fine. But it's those people who have to get right up in your ear to whisper something to you. I get the strongest urge to just turn and yell "LA LA LA LA" in their face. Yes, I am four, thank you.

  • Loud Chewing. I feel like this is a pet peeve for everyone. It's just so gross! First of all, I don't particularly care to see what you are chewing, so please close your mouth. Second, it just sounds...ew. I can't.
  • Too Much Blinker. I do get annoyed if people don't use their blinker, but I'm not sure I would call it a pet peeve. I'm talking about those people who turned left about 3 miles ago and still have their blinker on (this has actually happened). It just makes me want to honk my horn or something, but if they are oblivious to the clicking sound of their blinker, they probably will be confused by my beeping horn. Ugh.

  • Zero Personal Space. I'm big on personal space. This is mine, that is yours, don't cross over or you will be subject to a dirty look. And maybe the evil eye.
  • Touching My Hair. This one kind of goes along with the personal space thing. I have long curly/wavy hair, and people always want to touch/play with it! It makes my skin crawl. This is my hair! Not yours! Go feel up your own hair!
  • "It's probably fine." Okay. So with my milk allergy, I have to be really careful if I eat out. I always ask the person waiting on me if they could check the ingredients list for any milk product (or just let me see it), as well as ask the chef. Every single time, the response I get is "Oh I'm sure it's fine. I can't imagine there being milk in there," and I really just want to kick their shins or something. Like no Miss/Sir, it most definitely is not fine, so walk your bum into the kitchen and look. Sometimes I swear they just want me to get hives.
 My cousins baby. Adorable
  •  Baby Talk. Oh man. When adults use baby talk, it's like nails on a chalk board. And I'm not talking about baby talk to babies. That's totally acceptable. I'm talking about those people who just use baby talk all the time and think it makes them cute. FYI, it doesn't.
  • Facebook Therapy. This one really really bothers me. I'm talking about those people who post every detail of their life in a Facebook/Twitter post, and then express their anger about everyone getting in their business in their next post. If the Purge was real, these people might just make my list.
      I'm sure I missed a few, so maybe I'll do another pet peeves list in the future! What are your pet peeves? I always love hearing about them! 


  1. Loud chewing is literally the worst sound on the planet. My sister & I used to share a room and both have an obsession for chips & salad (Which may be the worst).. it didn't bode well for keeping the peace.

    1. Oh man, I can imagine!! All that crunching. Whew!

  2. Loud chewing with an open mouth is sooo ugh, disgusting and annoying! I can't stand Facebook therapy too, especially the ones that post something dramatic or vague and someone asks "Everything okay?" and the original poster would reply with "Don't want to talk about it." ... why are you sharing if you don't want people knowing what's wrong?!


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