Monday, February 3, 2014

Manic Monday- Mental Babble

      Hi guys! My middle class was cancelled today, so I have some free time before my next two classes to write a post! Nothing crazy has happened today and I only have two classes left... so I'm doing my Manic Monday post now, while I have some free time. Oh and fair warning, it's kind of a stream of consciousness, mental babble sort of thing. So it may be a bit random. But hey, it is Manic Monday right?
      First things first, the building I'm in right now, waiting for my next class, is hotter than Hell. Like it's the middle of winter, around 30 degrees out (which is kind of nice if you live in New England) and this building has to be pushing 80 degrees. I'm ready to strip down and find some shorts. I'm already cringing at how hot my class will be this spring... I've had a few classes in here before, but they've all been down on the second floor. Remember that whole "heat rises" thing? Yeah, it does.

       I'm starting to regret wearing the super thick fuzzy socks with my boots. Anyone have some sandals? Anyway, I think I've made my point about the heat in this place. But even the walls are sweating! No joke, I'm sitting on one of the benches, and I leaned against the wall and realized it was wet and sticky... I'm trying not to think about it... Ew.

      So other than me sweating off some water weight in the sauna that is my next class, today has been fairly uneventful. My 8am class was extremely small today... Which, come on people. The superbowl ended at like 10:30. Suck it up. My lab time went as usual. So really nothing crazy has happened today. I don't even feel stressed! I'm wondering if it's one of those "calm before the storm" things and maybe something will happen later... We'll see.

        I'm gonna end my mental babble here, and get some class reading done since I have the time. Hope your Manic Monday is going well! If not, hang in there :)

By the way, here is a mini view of all the stairs I have to go up for this class... Ugh

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