Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's A Hard Knock Life...

        If you've seen my previous two posts, you'll know that today I had and exam in my Psychobiology class, and one in my Personality Psychology class. It was rough. Like, I'm singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" in my head, kind of rough.

        I'm a crammer at heart, so I crammed my little heart out for Psychobiology, and I'm pretty sure I aced it. It could also have to do with the fact that she uses Ryan Gosling memes to help us understand the confusing things, and included some on the test...but I'm going to attribute the good grade to my cramming. 

How I felt during my personality exam...  Source
       Personality was a different story. I love the class so I've been going over all the notes and reading the book from day 1. I also fit in some extra study time before the test this afternoon. I'm fairly certain I got in the B range, but she didn't prepare us for the majority of the questions. She gave us a study guide for what the test was going to focus on, and pointed out questions from the book that we would need to be able to answer. I'm thankful I didn't only study those things, because almost none of it was on the test! She also twisted the book and her lecture's, and if I didn't have a good understanding of the concepts due to my other classes, I wouldn't have done so hot. I know my friends in the class are feeling that way.

       How I probably looked...   Source
        I'm all about getting outside information on you own, but when your test questions directly contradict what the book says (I looked), I think there is a problem. I'm unsure how to handle the rest of the class. Have you ever had a professor who's lectures and tests contradict the book? Ohhh the frustration.

         I'm gonna go watch Annie so I can sing along and feel better about my life, but I'm hoping to have a themed post up later, so keep an eye out!

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