Friday, February 21, 2014

It's All About Z

        So I didn't do an outfit of the day (don't hate me!). When I went home I had a nice visit with my mom and family, and it kind of slipped my mind. So to make up for it, I'm going to share some adorable kitty pictures, and let you get to know miss Zimby a bit. I know you've been dying to find out more about her. Okay maybe not, but I'm going to force this on you anyway, because this is my blog and I can (insert evil laugh here). SO without further ado adieu?, meet Zimby, my bizarre cat.

 She's very goofy and loves to play

She's quite a snuggly girl

She can be a bit rude and prefers to take other peoples food (yes she's double pawed)

She can open doors and insists on showering, peeing, and washing my face with me (TMI?)

She loves to help me do homework

 She's adventurous and likes to explores new places

Her favorite pastime is chilling in the sink...

...and the tub...
And lastly, she is one classy broad

    I hope you enjoyed getting to know Zimby! She's quite a peculiar cat but I lover her, and usually everyone else does too. 


  1. Zimby is so cute! She has such a personality!

    1. Thank you! And yes, she most definitely does :)

  2. aw hi cutie pie! I'm so glad you shared these, she's adorable!

  3. I once had a puppy that had a bad habit of stealing our underwear from the pile of clothes while we showered. ONLY underwear. He would just hide them around the house and look so smug about it lol

    1. OMG! Haha that's so funny, what a clever dog.

  4. OMG she's so cute!! I miss my cat too! He's back in AZ with my boyfriend. He's fluffy just like Z!


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