Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Adventures of Kimmy and Bug

That dark smudge on the left is the bug...And no, that isn't a small plate

       Okay it's story time. Let's talk about bugs...because there is currently one planning war in my room. So I was just sitting here, checking Facebook and all of a sudden this flying thing is coming right at me. And it's not some tiny little fly, it's a big bug. So
naturally I freak out and throw my blanket toward it, which knocks it on the floor. Then my little kitty runs over to it, and I'm like "YES! Zimby get the buggy. Get the buggy!" But she just waves her paw around it, without ever actually touching it. Wimp.
      So, not knowing what to do, I sent my roommate a text saying "Help flying bug" because...Well, someone has to save me! Then I just sat there... and watched the scary beast. The last thing you want to do is lose a bug. That will set the tears a-flowing for me. So I'm sitting there, waiting to hear Ali's (my roommates) door open, and the bug starts moving. Like any rational person, I quickly determined that it was getting ready to attack, and threw my plate at it.
        I have absolutely no athletic ability in terms of throwing, but my plate covered it and didn't smush it. I'm pretty proud, not gonna lie. This is when Ali walked in. We decided it's probably best to put a candle (or 10) on top of the plate so the bug doesn't get out. My cat just loves new toys, and I can totally see her moving the plate to get the bug. Hence the weight of the candles. 
         So here's the problem: I absolutely hate killing bugs. You will never see me squish one, not even a terrible evil spider. It grosses me out, and I feel bad. Usually I find someone to take the bug outside (although let's be real, it will probably die outside too), but neither of us wants to even try. The thing has wings! So now I'm just not really sure what to do... I don't want to let it die under that plate...but I don't want to get anywhere near it. Is there a way to get it outside without killing/touching/going near it? Didn't think so...
        Now that I'mdone writing this, I'm going to attempt to get it outside without freaking out or crying. I mean, it has a chance to live...It's supposed to be in the 40's all week which...isn't freezing. Okay, let's do this.

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