Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Selling My Soul For Textbooks

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      Ya know, with the cost of going to college, you would think that the school could cover the cost of textbooks. Seriously. I could literally rant about why college students shouldn't have to buy their textbooks, but I know some people get all huffy about it and blah blah blah so I'm not going to. But still.

        I usually wait until the second week of class before I even consider buying textbooks, because I've wasted way too much money on books that I will "absolutely need" that end
up sitting in my closet for 4 months. This semester when I was looking at the syllabus for each class, many of my professors said that the quizzes are on the reading, etc, so I decided to bite the bullet and just order my textbooks while I could still get a decent price. Never. Again.

         In one of my classes, the professor informed us that she was keeping the -very expensive- textbooks on reserve at the library, and to not bother buying the books. Uhm, that would have been great to know before I sold my soul to rent them. Returning them early wont put any of my money back in my pocket! In another class, the professor told us not to waste our money on the newest edition, and that the 3rd edition would be fine. That also would have been great to know earlier. Would it have been that hard to make a note of that in the syllabus?!

        This has turned into a bit of a rant, but it's so annoying! Textbooks are very expensive, and for the most part, you use it for 4 months and then never need it again. I just get so frustrated when you're told to rent/buy one thing, and then later are told you can get a cheaper, older version. Come on!

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