Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ready for Boston!

         Basically the only picture I took last time I was in Boston...Accept it

        In two days -woohoo!- I'm heading down to Boston to visit my best friend! I'm sooo excited! This will sound awful, but I've never met her roommates, or even spent the night...and we're sophomores! I know, I'm a terrible best friend. But, trains and the T scare me (I'll explain some other time), and parking my car over night in Boston is 1. Expensive and 2. A bit of a risk. Just saying. So don't hate on me!

        Obviously I'm super excited to see the bestie, but I'm also excited to experience a different University atmosphere. The University I go to takes up a small town, where as hers is obviously in the city since it's in Boston. So where people at my school would go to Frat or house parties, I'm pretty sure people at her school go to clubs or dorm parties. It will be interesting to see all the differences.

       I don't want to jinx myself so I'm going to end my post here. It's supposed to snow a bit on Saturday, and I'm hoping it isn't too bad so I don't have to postpone my visit! So if anyone knows of any anti-snow dances, do them! Hopefully I remember to take lots of pictures while I'm there, since I already have a few blog posts in mind for when I get back :)


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