Saturday, January 11, 2014

OOTD: Warm Winter Weather!

       Today New England had uncharacteristically warm weather (high 40's!). So in honor of me being able to wear my pea coat without freezing my tata's off, I decided I would do an outfit of the day! (Okay, I also just loved my outfit).
Photo cred to my wonderful little sister
          Looks like Fall doesn't it? I love being able to just wear my pea coat, a pair of cute boots, and a scarf. If that sounds like something you would typically wear in the winter...well then you probably don't live in New England. Anyway, I've had my pea coat for so long, I can't tell where it's from. It's a basic double breasted short pea coat with plain buttons and a tie at the waist. 
      My new obsession this year is infinity scarves. They're just so easy to throw on, and so cute! This one is from Charlotte Russe. I love it because it's a neutral color so I can pair it with almost anything, and it has some texture which adds dimension to a rather plain outfit.
       These are easily my favorite pair of boots that I own. They go over the knee and are super comfy. I love that even though these boots go high up on the leg, they don't make me feel like I belong on the set of Pretty Woman. I got these from JustFab, but I think they are currently sold out. 
        Under my jacket, I have a plain tank top from Rue 21, that has a lace back. My jegging's are from American eagle, and my belt (because I know you're probably so curious) is from Aeropostale. Hooray for simple but cute outfits!

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