Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Boots! ~ JustFab

Clora style boot- (click here)

      Woohoo! Today I came home to these pretty little things waiting for me on the counter. Well, they weren't actually waiting per say, but a big JustFab box was! If you don't know what JustFab is, you must be living under a rock...Seriously. Click here if you want to know more about how JustFab works.
       Okay, now let's talk about these boots! These are the Clora boots in brown. While I have quite the growing collection of JustFab shoes, their boots are by far my favorite.
They're a great price for the quality! I haven't worn these beauties yet, but just from trying them on I can tell I'm going to become even more obsessed with them.
       You can click here for my personal invite link to JustFab. New members will receive 20% off their first purchased item, and there's a great January deal where you can get two different styles (boots, jeans, etc) for $49.50! Happy shopping!

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