Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Shoe Obsession

      I have just a little bit of a shoe obsession. Or...Well boots and heels to be more specific. I don't consider my boot obsession to necessarily be a bad thing, because I live in boots 3 seasons out of the year, and it's mostly just in the summer time that they don't get as much loving. So there's some justification for my growing amount of boots.

One corner of boots in my closet...

      The obsession that is a tincy bit of a problem, is my heel obsession. It's gotten to the point where more than half of the heels in my closet don't fit me, or are incredibly uncomfortable, and I've never actually worn them out. Yeah, I suppose it's bad. But I just
have the hardest time passing them up! I mean, I only buy them when they are on-sale...if that counts towards anything. There is just something about seeing a really cute pair of heels. I mean, yeah they say that they are a size 7.5 like my beautiful leopard Guess heels, but really I'm sure they will fit my size 8.5-9 feet. I'm sure of it. Until I go to wear them out. Then my assurance falters a bit.

Some of the heels that fit nicely on my shoe rack

      Anyway, I've decided to go through my shoes, and give the ones that don't fit me to my friends/family. I can't tell you how many pairs of flats I own, that either don't fit right or I just don't wear. Why did I buy them? No idea. I thought about bringing my shoes to a consignment store, but...Well what if I ever do decide to wear them? If I give them to people I know, then I can borrow them occasionally right?

One of my heel/wedge shelves...

      Clearly I have a problem. And for the record, I've never spent more than $30 on a pair of heels (I'm an amazing bargain shopper) so really, it's not like I'm buying $250 heels and just letting them sit in my closet. I'm a bit too stingy for that. Does anyone else share my shoe obsession? To the point where half of your heels don't fit you? I can't be the only one.

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