Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Insomniac's... Read This!

        I've had problems sleeping since...well, forever. I usually sleep through the night (although I've become a lighter sleeper over the years), but falling asleep is a big problem for me. I swear I can be absolutely exhausted, and still lay in bed for hours, just waiting to fall asleep. It's like my brain just doesn't shut off, and I can't stop thinking! Or, and this is even worse, I will be ready for bed, but once I lay down it's like I'm wide awake. Does that ever happen to you? I hate it.

No pictures of me sleeping...so here's my lovely kitty

        I prefer to not take sleeping pills, because...well I don't know. Occasionally I will take a ZzzQuil, but I find that it doesn't really help me fall asleep. I get sort of tired after
30 minutes, but not enough to knock me out. And the worst (for me), is I sleep at least 13 hours straight when I take one. I'm serious. I'll sleep through alarms, my cat running across my face...anything really. So yeah, those are a no-no for me.
       So, (finally getting to my point) I've found this stuff that I'm literally in love with. It's a lavender room&body mist, that I found at -wait for it- Hannaford! The reason I say I'm in love with it, is because it smells of pure lavender. No vanilla, no other weird scent mixed in. Just nice, relaxing lavender. Spray a little of this stuff on your pillow and I swear, it will do wonders. It's just a nice relaxing smell, and while it may not put you right to sleep, it definitely will help you to relax and stop thinking so much (if you're like me).

About $6.50 a bottle from Hannaford. Lasts quite a while!

          On a different note, here is another tip that I wish I could still do: Try drinking some milk if you're having a hard time falling asleep. Calcium can help lower stress levels, and  milk has Tryptophan in it. Tryptophan is a sleep-inducing amino acid, also found in Turkey which is one of the reasons some people get tired after Thanksgiving dinner. 

I have way too much chocolate at my apartment

          Day time tip! If you eat a small amount of dark chocolate during the day, you will probably be more relaxed when it's bed time. Chocolate can slow the production of cortisol (which I learned in psych class is a stress hormone) in the brain. This tip works very well for me, however the only chocolate I can eat now tastes like bakers chocolate (ew), thanks to my milk allergy. Woohoo!

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