Friday, January 31, 2014

Frat Rules


      Hey Girls! I go to a University where a fair amount of the Fraternities have houses, and therefore there's quite a few frat parties to choose from on the weekends. I feel like I always see girls making some...well, questionable decisions. But I don't think they even realize what they're doing! So here are some dos and don'ts I keep in mind when I go to a frat party.

  • Don't bring a black North Face jacket. Maybe it's because I'm from New England, but basically every girl brings a black North Face, and loses it. If I had a penny for every "Hey I lost my black northface at [insert frat name here] last night, if you find it let me know!" post on facebook, I'd be rich.
  • Do bring a cheap colorful coat/sweater (thrifting anyone?)
  • Don't throw your jacket in the corner. Anywhere. Someone else will likely think it's theirs and take it.
  • Do find a crafty place to put your jacket. I usually keep mine out on the front porch (if they have one) under a bench or chair. So far, I've never lost one.
  • Don't go to a frat by yourself. This seems obvious, but I still see girls do it. Not that the frats are bad, but you never know what kind of situation you might get in to.
  • Do bring a buddy! Or a group. That way if some bro is chatting you up and you just want to get away, you've got someone to come save you.
  • Don't make out with a frat dude just to get into the party.
  • Do tell them that you had to hang back while a friend (point to your buddy) was on the phone, and the rest of your friends already went in. Oh and mention that one was on a list. Just throw out random names if they ask. Works almost every time.
  • Don't expect to find toilet paper in the bathroom. Ever.
  • Do stuff a little in your bra. It's really a win-win.
  • Don't give your number to a bunch of bro's, hoping they'll put you on the list for the next party. They won't.
  • Do get one or two numbers, and ladies, make sure you're picking the nicer, maybe calmer dudes. 
  • Don't wear a tight skimpy outfit, five inch stilettos, and a full face of makeup if you are trying to meet a nice guy. Any guy you meet will probably be after you because you look like a hooker. (Cough cough biddie).
  • Do wear one or a combination of two of the above. A girls gotta look good! 
     My list could probably go on longer, but these are just some of the things I see every time I go to a frat party. Oh and one no brainer...if you're going to drink, make sure you bring your own drink. Even if the frat boys would never give you a questionable drink, another party-goer might. Anyway, hope you found this helpful -or humorous!

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