Saturday, January 18, 2014

Driving in New England Weather

Image from Author: Jackson Latka    

        I've lived in New England my whole life and I drive a tiny little breadbox of a jeep. It weighs all of two pounds, and hydroplanes like you would not believe when it rains. I could definitely use some new tires, and the roads in the winter are anything but dry. But what scares me about driving during snowy weather, is other drivers. 

      I've witnessed so many cars go off the road today, and many other bad weather days. Luckily today I didn't see anything serious, just people being somewhat careless. It got me thinking; It seems like common sense that when the roads are bad, you adjust your driving. Apparently not.

      For example, never slam on you brakes when he roads are bad. I saw one driver of an SUV try to brake quickly to make a right turn. He just kept going straight forward and ended up having to back up. I just don't get it. If I see Florida plates, then whatever...benefit of the doubt. But when a car with New Hampshire plates slams on their brakes in front of me...And it's not the first snow of the season...Well, I'm sorry, that's just careless.

       Wait, there's more. I was sitting at a traffic light and saw this lady who, for whatever reason, took a pretty fast left turn and ended up spinning out. I have to admit, I did giggle a bit. She didn't hit anything and she kept driving after...But my gosh! The roads were clearly bad (I mean, it had been snowing for hours and plowing wasn't helping), and this lady acted like it was a nice summers day. That's all fine and dandy, until you slide into another car and someone gets hurt!

       I also saw a blue mini van turning out of the grocery store in front of me. They took the turn very slowly, but seemed to have slammed on the gas as soon as their car was perfectly straight. Why? I have no idea. The back end just fishtailed and the van didn't move. Thank God I stopped a ways back while the driver was turning.
       Okay last one. I was on the highway, and up on the right there is a big curving ramp that brings people into the right lane. I was a bit surprised to see a car in the middle of a snow covered hill (is that part of a Christmas song?), about 20 feet from the actual road. Anyway, I didn't see what happened, and I felt bad, but it's just so scary! 

       Even when people are driving carefully in bad weather, accidents still happen. Then you have people who seem to disregard the road conditions, which makes it all ten times scarier. Even though my jeep can be difficult in the snow, I know how to handle it. I also know not to be stupid while driving. So no, I'm not afraid to drive in snowy weather; I'm afraid of the drivers around me, driving in snowy weather. Don't get me wrong, I think the majority of drivers are cautious and careful in winter weather...But it only takes that one careless person...


  1. We took it slow and steady and otherwise spent most of the day at home.

    1. Smart! That was originally my plan, but I had to venture out to my dads house.


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