Thursday, January 16, 2014

College Stress

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       Spring Semester starts on Wednesday for me, and I'm already stressed! This semester I'm trying to juggle 3 tough psychology classes (psychobiology anyone?), 1 class for my minor once I pick one, 6 hours of lab work Monday-Friday, and babysitting all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm starting to accept that I'm not going to have a social life -at all. 

       Right now I'm stressing over a minor. I'm a Psychology and Justice Studies dual major. I managed to get ahead in both of my majors and have figured out that I have enough time in the next two years to start and finish a minor, as long as I don't take any other random classes. The issue is I can't pick one! I would love to do a biology, genetics, or biomedical minor, but there's no way any of those would fit my schedule. So then I considered sociology. But... I am not a fan of the classes being offered, and it seems sort of pointless since I'm a psych major. So then there is social work... Which I'm iffy about. I would love to minor in French, but it won't fit in my schedule. See my problem?!

       Oh and here's the fun part. None of my professors are on Rate My Professor! Ah! Accurate or not, I always like to check out my professor's ratings and reviews on that site to get a feel for what I might be dealing with. It's so scary when the professor isn't on the site, especially when you're taking a class that is going to be hard no matter who teaches it. 
        Oh the joys of college. Spring break can't come soon enough!

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  1. I salute your diligence with regard to your studies, but it's never wrong to still have an active social life. It can help so much in reducing your stress. You should learn to spend time for yourself in other things aside from your studies, like going to parties or outings with your friends. I think that’s the best antidote to relieve stress. Anyway, thanks for sharing that, Kim! Good luck and enjoy studying!

    Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom


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