Friday, January 10, 2014

Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanner Review

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        I'm so excited to do a positive review on the Banana Boat Summer Color self tanner! I've tried quite a few self tanners and until now, I have never found one that I truly loved. I'm going to Florida for spring break this year, and I want to look tan! I figure if I fake tan, I can lather myself with sunscreen, not burn to a crisp, and look like a beach goddess. Let me tell you, I have found a winner as far as self tanners go!

     After reading some reviews, I went to Walmart and picked up the Banana Boat Summer Color self tanner in Deep Dark.  One layer of this self tanner gives me a smooth, natural looking tan that would probably take me all summer to achieve. Here are some more details:

  • Application- One of my favorite things about this self tanner, is it doesn't streak! And I know that they all say "streak free!" but this one really is. It also has a tint, so you can see where you've already applied it . Such a great help! 
  • Color- Don't let the "Deep Dark" name scare you! I'm pretty pale, and I would say it gives a nice medium color to my skin. If you are worried that it may be too dark for you, you can add a layer of moisturizer about 20 minutes after putting it on. It will help dim the tan down a bit to more of a light to medium color. It also has more of a green undertone than an orange one, so you don't need to worry about looking like an oompa loompa!
  • Smell- There is a smell. It actually has a pleasant smell when you first put it on which is nice. A few hours after putting it on you might smell a hint of the typical self tanner smell, but you have to put your nose to your skin to get a good whiff. Once it's settled into your skin and you take a shower, the smell will go away!
  • Cost- I was surprised (and very skeptical), but it only cost $7.00! I've tried more expensive tanners that streak and don't give me nearly as nice of a color. Compared to other drugstore self tanners that usually run around $12, I would say this one can't be beat.
    Overall I absolutely love the Banana Boat Summer Color self tanner! I might even start using it on a regular basis, especially since it's so cheap! Hope this is helpful!

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