Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Fashion Trends

        The holidays are over, semi-annual sales are coming to an end, and stores will soon be bringing out their spring clothing lines! I've been looking around at what's being modeled on the runways,and have noticed a few trends for 2014. It's always exciting for me to see what the new (and old) trends will be for the year, and I just had to share some of my thoughts!

Crop tops are here to stay!
Image from eonline.com

         While I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't particularly appreciate the crop top trend that started in 2013, I'm loving it! You can't blame me. I'm 19, in college, from a beach town, and I happen to enjoy how crop tops look on me. So bring on the tiny shirts!

One trend that I'm still a bit iffy on is fringe.
Image from swide.com

        I'm just...undecided. This past summer we saw a hint of fringe, on bikini tops and crop tops, and it looks like fringe is going to be huge this year, considering it ran rampant on the runways. For whatever reason, I'm just not sold on it. It surely worked for the Flappers in the 1920's, but it's just not for me. Maybe I'll change my mind as the year progresses.

I think I'm going to love the wide legged white pants trend. 
Image from thetrendspotter.net

      This trend feels a little beachy to me, so obviously I love it. Not to mention wide pants are super comfy! I'm not the biggest fan of them being white...but I suppose that's why we have bleach. Oh, and it will make me look tan! See, I knew I'd love this trend.

Blinged out necklines are popping up from nearly every designer.
Image from harpersbazaar.com

          I'm not personally a fan (I'm a small dainty necklace kind of girl) but for anyone who love statement necklaces or just a fun flashy twist to an outfit, you are going to be very happy this year!

Say hello to sheer clothing.
Image from prettyconnected.com

      In 2013 we saw lot's of shirts and dresses with cutouts, and it looks like 2014 will bring us lot's of sheer clothing.  Not only will we see sheer shirts, but sheer pants, skirts, dresses, and more! I don't really have an opinion on this trend yet, but I'm hoping I love it.

Pastels are everywhere...
Image from graziadaily.co.uk

         I'm not sure how I feel about it. Pastels can look amazing on some skin tones, and completely wash out others like mine. I guess I'll just have to find my color and stick with it. Maybe a nice green...

Woohoo for preppy/edgy!
Image from classiq.me

        Okay, maybe I'm a preppy at heart (I'm working on it okay?) but I'm excited to see it as a trend. School-girl skirts, sweaters, and blazers...Oh my! I've noticed the styles are leaning towards preppy meets edgy which is kind of fun.

Let me say this now, I hate Paillettes.
Image from fashionbombdaily.com

        If you don't know what that is, I'll explain because I just googled it too. Basically a paillette is a ton of layered sequins or some other sparkly, flashy thing that is put on clothing. I cant stand sequins -I've always found them tacky- so naturally I hate this trend.

      There are tons of other trends that have been showing up on the runways this year, these are just some that I have noticed. What do you think the biggest trend of 2014 will be? I'm rooting for the crop tops.


  1. I'm so looking forward to the warmer seasons so I can pull off some of these trends - it's still far too cold here in Austria! I love your blog, it's so cute & girly!
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    Dolce Kisses ♥



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